White Dwarf

Ultrafast optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier

Class 5 Photonics offers customer specific high power femtosecond-lasers based on a modular optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA) system. The systems serve as compact table-top solutions for driving secondary sources (HHG, THz) or imaging experiments with the outstanding pulse parameters provided by the OPCPA technique.

Upgrade Your Pump Laser to Femptosecond Pulse Durations

The compact White Dwarf OPCPA system delivers pulse durations ranging from <15 fs (broadband) to 100 fs (wavelength-tunable) at average power up to 20 W. Using commercial picosecond Yb:YAG or fiber lasers as pump lasers, we supply the White Dwarf OPCPA as upgrade module, as integrated laser system, or as high-repetition rate front-end for larger OPCPA systems. The integrated white-light source ensures reliable operation of the system. The system includes a stable supercontinuum white-light generation (WLG) source for reliable operation of the system, a high power frequency doubler (SHG), an efficient stretcher-compressor design and up to two noncollinear optical parametric amplifier (NOPA) stages.

As a power upgrade, we offer the Supernova OPCPA system, for reaching an average power up to 100 W (1 mJ, 100 kHz).

Various Options are available

All systems can be equipped with customer-specific modifications, for example long-pulse or short-pulse mode, wavelength-tunability option, or additional NOPA stages optimized for a different repetition rate.