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extreme wavelengths

Class 5 Photonics provides ultrafast, high-power laser systems and EUV sources for demanding applications from bio-imaging to ultrafast science and attosecond science.
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We build pioneering ultrafast lasers with extreme power at extreme wavelengths from extreme ultraviolet to terahertz, based on optical parametric cheeped-pulse amplification (OPCPA) and advanced nonlinear optical technologies, such as high-harmonic generation (HHG).

We provide laser solutions
to advance science

3-photon Microscopy

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EUV/VSXR Technology

3-photon Microscopy

Attosecond Science

EUV/VSXR Technology

The key to power scaling and flexibility


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We are Pioneers in ultrafast, high-power lasers providing innovative solutions

  • EMBL Heidelberg, Prevedel Lab
    “The impressive stability and performance of the White Dwarf OPCPA system allows us to fully focus on our experiments and achieve new scientific results.”
    — EMBL Heidelberg, Prevedel Lab
    The focus of the Prevedel lab at EMBL is to push the frontiers of deep tissue microscopy in terms of imaging depths and resolution by developing advanced and innovative optical imaging techniques.
  • Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH, Microscopy R&D lab
    “The integration of the White Dwarf OPCPA with our Movable Objective Microscope® (MOM®) worked out smoothly and we had a strong three-photon signal in the image from the first day on.”
    — Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH, Microscopy R&D lab
    Rapp OptoElectronic is specialized in high-performance photomanipulation, illumination and multi-photon microscopy systems.
  • Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH, Microscopy R&D lab
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    — Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology,
    Laboratory for Ultrafast & Nanoscale Plasmonics
    The lab of Professor Park works on next generation terahertz and mid-infrared spectroscopies combined with plasmonics and nano-structures which are used for various photonic applications, such as infrared bolometer, atomic memory device, sensing of chemical/biological molecules, and green hydrogen production.
  • Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH, Microscopy R&D lab
    “The service and support of Class 5 Photonics is top of the line.”
    — The University of Hong Kong,
    Ultrafast Optics and Attosecond Science lab
    The Ultrafast Optics and Attosecond Science lab seeks to generate, measure, and develop new methodologies in creation of ultrashort laser pulses based on nonlinear optics and strong-field laser physics.

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