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Moonlander HHG

EUV source & pump-probe suite
  • 21-50 eV photon energy with optional filtering and focusing
  • full pump-probe suite available
  • 100 kHz, 200 kHz, 1 MHz rep rate version available
  • designed for ARPES and CDI


High photon flux at high repetition rate

The Moonlander HHG is an efficient coherent EUV source for time-resolved spectroscopy such as ARPES.

Driven by our high-power laser technology, the Moonlander HHG provides high photon flux at high repetition rates in a compact and robust design.

A second, synchronized optical output from UV to mid-IR can be provided with a tunable OPCPA, hence offering a full pump-probe suite to take the next step in time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.


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Table-top, robust HHG-source

Highly stable EUV on demand for everyone

Complete VIS-pump / EUV-probe suite

Combine the Moonlander HHG source with a tunable OPCPA for intrinsically synchronized pump-probe experiments

Focusing and steering unit

Motorized steering and focusing for small foci at the sample

Convenient user interface

Motor control for target position and target camera, remote gas pressure control, diode for EUV flux measurement


Moonlander HHG-21 Moonlander HHG-21 HR Moonlander HHG-50
Photon energy 21 eV 21.7 eV 21…50 eV
Wavelength 59 nm  59 nm 24…59 nm
Spectral bandwidth FWHM 80 meV 20 meV 200 meV
Photon flux at source single harmonic > 1×10^13 ph/sec > 1×10^13 ph/sec > 3×10^12 ph/sec @ 38 eV
Photon flux at focus single harmonic > 1×10^11 ph/sec > 1×10^11 ph/sec > 1×10^12 ph/sec
Repetition rate  200 kHz  1 MHz 100 kHz
Focusing and steering  optional optional optional
Optical pump and recombination at sample chamber 350 nm – 15µm (optional) 350 nm – 15µm (optional) 350 nm – 15µm (optional)
Driver laser included included included




Do you offer HHG-sources with higher photon energies, e.g., 92 eV?

Yes, please contact our sales team for customized solutions.

Do you provide a filtering scheme to filter single harmonics?

Yes, we can provide this in our filtering section based on the user’s needs.

Do you also provide the driver laser for the HHG source?

Yes, a laser driver is already included. Based on the user’s HHG requirements we decide on the best design in terms of laser driver.


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