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Our flagship OPCPAs for highest pulse energies
  • output power up to 100 W
  • output energy up to 20 mJ
  • pulse duration down to 9 fs
  • few-cycle pulses from 800 nm to 3 µm
  • CEP stability


Award-winning extreme power OPCPA systems

The Supernova OPCPA is our award-winning flagship product providing extreme power at extreme wavelengths.

The Supernova OPCPA offers extremely short pulse durations and average powers, high temporal contrast, different wavelength versions and CEP stability. The product is available as a high repetition rate version and also as a high energy version with multi millijoule pulse energies pumped by kW-class Yb:YAG Innoslab or thin-disk amplifiers.


Extreme average power

up to 100 W average power at high repetition rates

Passive CEP stability

Intrinsic carrier-envelope-stability for highest-precision attosecond science

Wavelength from UV to mid-IR

Systems available from 200 – 10.000 nm

High energy version available

based on Yb thin-disk amplifier technology as pump laser


SN-800 SN-1550 SN-2000 SN-3000
Central wavelength 800 nm 1550 nm 2000 nm 3000 nm
Pulse duration
< 15 fs < 40 fs < 40 fs < 80 fs
Average power 20 W / 100 W 30 W / 100 W 20 W / 100 W 12 W / 60 W
Pulse energy
20 mJ at 1 kHz
1 mJ at 100 kHz
1 mJ at 20 kHz
30 mJ at 1 kHz
1.5 mJ at 20 kHz
1.5 mJ at 100 kHz
20 mJ at 1 kHz
1 mJ at 100 kHz
1 mJ at 20 kHz
12 mJ at 1 kHz
0.6 mJ at 100 kHz
0.6 mJ at 20 kHz
Repetition rate up to 100 kHz up to 100 kHz up to 100 kHz
CEP stability on request on request on request
Pump laser incl. 200 W / 1000 W 200 W / 1000 W 200 W / 1000 W




Do you include the pump laser?

Yes, the Yb-based pump laser is included in our package. We collaborate with the main providers of Yb-based pump laser to pump our OPCPAs.

Do you offer additional wavelength options?

Yes, we can customize the Supernova to meet your requirements. Please contact our sales team for further information.