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09. October 2020

100 W scale OPCPA systems in the SWIR

This year CLEO (organized by OSA) was held in a pure online format. Class 5 Photonics participated with a scientific talk and poster presentation. The recording of Robert’s (CEO Class 5 Photonics) talk can now be watched on our youtube channel.


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High power and high repetition rate femtosecond lasers at 1.45 – 2.40 μm wavelength are critical for many applications in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences, such as microchip electron accelerators and soft-Xray coherent diffractive imaging. Previously, such systems have been realized by optical parametric amplification from Ti:Sapphire lasers at 800 nm with limited power levels. A novel optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier (OPCPA), pumped by high-power Yb-doped solid state lasers, and combined with bulk crystal white-lightgeneration seeding (WLG) is demonstrated. The laser system features tunable and broadband operation in the 1.45 – 2.40 μm spectral range, requiring no complex cooling with a compact footprint.


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