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20. April 2021

White Dwarf for 3-photon microscopy installed in bio-imaging lab in Germany

Another White Dwarf for 3-photon microscopy was installed in a bio-imaging lab in Germany. With > 5 W and 40 fs at 1300 nm the WD-1300 provides the highest average power and peak intensity on the market for advanced microscopy applications.

Additionally, our one-box solution and robust engineering achieves excellent power stability and pulse-to-pulse stability (typically < 0.5 %). The integrated, industrial Coherent Monaco 60 W pump laser provides additional reliability and user friendly operation of the White Dwarf system.
Hence, biologists can focus on their in-vivo experiments while keeping laser maintenance to a minimum and increasing up-time.

The installed system is upgradable with a second channel at 1700 nm (WD-1300-dual). An independent, second OPCPA channel is optimized at 1700 nm and hence multi-color experiments are possible when running the system in a parallel mode (1300 and 1700 nm simultaneously). Alternatively, the user can switch between 1300 and 1700 nm to double the average power at each wavelength for deep brain imaging.

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