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06. September 2021

Light Beads Microscopy (LBM) with the White Dwarf OPCPA for high-speed, volumetric brain imaging

A new microscopy approach developed by the Vaziri Lab at Rockefeller University takes the next steps for high-speed, volumetric recording of neuroactivity in the mouse cortex. The developed so called Light Beads Microscopy (LBM) is a mesoscopic imaging approach able to record up to 1 million neurons within 5.4×6×0.5 mm^3 volumes at 2 Hz frame rate.

Hence, the technology can enable neuroscientists to understand cortex-wide information processing and ultimately how the brain works.

Measurements have been performed with the White Dwarf OPCPA for multi-photon microscopy.

Reference: Demas, J., Manley, J., Tejera, F. et al. High-speed, cortex-wide volumetric recording of neuroactivity at cellular resolution using light beads microscopy. Nat Methods (2021).

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Volumetric recording of 1,065,289 neurons within a volume of ~5.4 × 6 × 0.5 mm^3 at 2.2 Hz in a GCaMP6s-expressing mouse with no external stimulation. Ref: Demas, J., Manley, J., Tejera, F. et al. Nat Methods (2021).
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