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19. February 2020

Our CTO Michael presented our tunable White Dwarf OPCPA from 250-1300 nm

Our CTO Michael presented at the SPIE Photonics West 2020 conference our latest developments:

A dual channel laser system with gap-less tuning from 250 to 1300 nm at megahertz repetition rates for time resolved photoelectron emission microscopy and spectroscopy (PEEM/PES/ARPES).


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Based on the success story of our White Dwarf OPCPA with high performance operation at a single wavelength, we now also provide tunable solutions for demanding spectroscopy and microscopy applications.

Ultrashort pulses (< 30 fs) are delivered in a spectral range from 650 to 1300 nm. This makes the White Dwarf WD-800-tunable the most flexible non-colinear OPA on the market.

Additionally, the wavelength range can be further extended to the UV via second harmonic (SHG) and tird harmonic generation (THG). Due to our gap-less approach, material scientists have access to the green wavlength range (500 nm) and can, for example, study the transport of carriers excited by a green pump pulse.

Equipped with two outputs, our White Dwarf WD-800-tunable-dual offers two synchronized channels and enables pump-probe studies. Thus, time-resolved ARPES or PEEMS benefit from our very flexible solution while maintaining high temporal resolution to study ultrafast dynamics in materials.

Our White Dwarf WD-800-tunable can operate at 1, 2 or 4 MHz for fast image acquisition and to suppress space charge effects. A pulse-picker of the integrated pump laser (Coherent Monaco 60 W incl.) can be used to reduce the repetition rate in alignment mode or for lower average power operation.

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