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28. June 2024

Behind the Scenes at Our Class 5 Production Lab: The White Dwarf Dual System

Join us behind the scenes of the Class 5 Production Lab. Our colleagues Robert Riedel and Issam Abdallah present the White Dwarf dual laser system. It’s a femtosecond laser (50 fs) designed for neuro-imaging and micromachining, operating at 1300 nm. See how easy it is to operate, and to switch the output channel in our software. The White Dwarf is already transforming neuro-science, and there is much more to come!


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White Dwarf Dual System for Neuroimaging

The White Dwarf dual system is a cutting-edge bio-imaging technology designed to push the boundaries of neuroimaging. Here are its key features:
  • Technical Specifications: Operating with two channels at a wavelength of 1300 nanometers, the White Dwarf dual system delivers 5 W per channel. This femtosecond laser (50 fs) is optimized for both 3-photon imaging and laser micromachining.
  • Performance and Flexibility: Each output of the laser delivers a pulse energy of 4 µJ at 1 MHz or 1 µJ at 4 MHz, respectively. Users can effortlessly switch between channels with a simple click, maintaining optimal performance without compromise.
  • Ease of Operation: The startup and operation of the laser are user-friendly, with intuitive software that makes channel switching straightforward and efficient.
  • Versatile Applications: The system is configurable for various wavelength ranges, including 920 nm, 960 nm for 2P imaging and 1300 nm, 1700 nm for 3P imaging. These outputs can operate either in parallel or switchable. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of imaging demands.



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