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Black Dwarf

High-power femtosecond laser
  • Pulse energy > 1.5 mJ
  • Average power > 60 W
  • Pulse duration < 25 fs


Compact high-power laser system for micromachining and EUV generation

The Black Dwarf redefines ultrafast micromachining and EUV generation with high pulse energies and femtosecond pulse durations.

Introducing the Black Dwarf, our redefined solution for high-throughput micromachining and high-flux EUV generation. This system matches the pulse energy level of a Ti:Sapphire laser but offers 10x the average power, all in a compact, fully integrated package.

The Black Dwarf integrates an industrial pump laser and patented pulse compression technology to deliver high performance in a space-efficient design. Benefit from pulse durations under 25 femtoseconds, onboard diagnostics, superior power stability, and excellent beam quality with           M² < 1.3.

Whether your field is laser micromachining, ultrafast science, EUV scientific applications, or the development of next-generation EUV metrology tools, the Black Dwarf is engineered to elevate your work. Experience the synergy of compact design and high-power output with the Black Dwarf laser system.


High pulse energy and average power

> 1.5 mJ at 60 W

Shortest pulse durations

< 25 fs

Excellent power stability

< 0.5% over 12 h

Compact design with industrial pump laser

Full laser system in < 1 m² footprint


Black Dwarf 200 Black Dwarf Pro-300 Black Dwarf Pro-500 Black Dwarf  Ultra-1500
Pulse duration (FWHM) 35 fs 25 fs 25 fs 25 fs
Central wavelength

1030 nm

1030 nm 1030 nm 1030 nm
Pulse energy (compressed) 30-200 µJ 0.3 mJ 0.5 mJ 0.5 – 1.5 mJ
Average power 60 W 30 W 50 W 60 W
Repetition rate Up to 2000 kHz 100 kHz 100 kHz 40 kHz
Beam quality M² <1.3 M² <1.3 M² <1.3 M² <1.3
Power stability (std.-dev., over 12 h)





Footprint (laser head)

1200 x 800 mm²

1200 x 800 mm²

1200 x 800 mm²

1200 x 800 mm²



Is the repetition rate of the Black Dwarf adjustable?

Yes, it is typically adjustable by multiples of the laser repetition rate

Are longer/shorter pulse durations available?

Yes, the pulse duration can be customized

Can I combine the Black Dwarf with a White Dwarf-OPCPA?

Yes, the Black Dwarf is an ideal pump source for a White Dwarf-OPCPA

Can I combine the Black Dwarf with a Moonlander?

Yes, the Black Dwarf is an ideal driver source for high-flux HHG-sources, such as the Moonlander HHG

How can the Black Dwarf reach such short pulse durations at high energy?

The Black Dwarf uses a patented non-linear compression technology, where the spectral bandwidth of ultrashort pulses is broadened by self-phase modulation during well-engineered interaction with a medium. This process typically has a through-put of more than 85% and thus enables very short pulses at mJ-level pulse energies.

Which pump laser is used in the Black Dwarf?

We are using the most advanced and compact femtosecond lasers from industrial manufacturing partners. These systems are available with up to      120 W average power

What is the key difference between the Black Dwarf and the White Dwarf?

The patented non-linear compression technology in the Black Dwarf allows for high power and mJ energies, while the OPCPA technology in the White Dwarf supports various wavelengths from UV to MIR and CEP-stable few-cycle pulses

Are there more powerful versions of the Black Dwarf available?

Yes, Class 5 offers custom spectral broadening systems at various wavelengths and energies, for example at 3 micrometer wavelength and           10 mJ pulse energy. Please contact us and get in touch with our experts.