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17. January 2024

Abstract: Advancements in High-Flux High-Harmonic Generation: Harnessing Advanced Nonlinear Laser Technologies – Dr. Jan Heye Buss at SPIE Photonics West 2024

Invited talk- 31 January 2024 • 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM PST | Moscone Center, Room 210 (Level 2 South)

Explore the forefront of laser tech in our High-harmonic generation (HHG) Paper at Photonics West 2024 presented by Dr. Jan Heye Buß in collaboration with V. Shumakova, B.Manschwetus, H. Goudarzi, S. Starosielec, J. H. Buss, M. Schulz, and R. Riedel


High-harmonic generation (HHG) sources are vital in generating high-brilliance laser radiation in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to the soft-X-ray range. In this presentation, we give an overview of different design approaches for high-flux HHG sources using our most powerful laser systems based on advanced nonlinear technologies. These technologies include optical-parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers (OPCPA) and multi-pass cells (MPC) in combination with Yb-doped laser systems. This combination allows an immense scalability of average power, and adaptability to optimum HHG driver parameters for increased HHG photon flux.

Laser systems at mid-infrared wavelengths allow the generation of radiation in the water-window spectral range. We demonstrate OPCPA systems designed for 2 and 3 µm wavelength, and average power up to 70 W. Further, we demonstrate laser systems operating in the near-infrared range around 800 nm, targeting the efficient generation of 13.5 nm wavelength. Our results draw a promising roadmap towards next-generation high-flux HHG sources for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications, such as materials science and metrology in the semiconductor industry.

Presenting Author

Jan Heye Buß, Chief Technology Officer at C5, graduated in 2008 from Ruhr University Bochum with a Dipl.-Phys. in Physics and a BA in Biology/Mathematics in 2006. His field of study was ultrafast condensed matter spectroscopy of semiconductors. After receiving his PhD in Physics in 2011, focusing on the ultrafast dynamics of electron spins in wide-gap semiconductors, he continued his work until 2014 as a post-doctoral fellow in Bochum. From 2014, Heye joined the Materials Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, awarded with a DFG fellowship. He worked on 2D materials, using a self-designed, high-repetition-rate tabletop EUV/soft-X-ray source to directly measure the temporal charge carrier dynamics in momentum space. Heye continued his work in EUV/soft-X-ray source development by joining the Class 5 Photonics GmbH EUV team in August 2018 as a project leader in laser development and became CTO in January 2022.

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