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22. January 2024

Paper Alert: How deep can you image with 2-photon microscopy?

Recently published work by Robert Prevedel’s group at EMBL Heidelberg in collaboration with Martin Caldarola’s team at Single Quantum shows that imaging depths of 2-photon microscopy can be pushed beyond 1.1 mm in the in-vivo mouse brain! Imaging depth over 1mm previously could only be realized by three-photon excitation modalities.

The team achieved this new record by using our White Dwarf laser system at 1700nm and utilizing, for the first time in multiphoton microscopy ever, a detector array of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) together with a fluorescent dye emitting at        1105 nm. Furthermore, the detector array records the spatial position of the detected photon; although not shown in this work, this allows further improved spatial resolution and image contrast by selectively rejecting background or out-of-focus photons in post-processing.

We congratulate the team for this achievement!

Read Application Paper

Check our White Dwarf laser system for multiphoton microscopy: 


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