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29. January 2024

Advanced femtosecond lasers for ultrafast laser micromachining

The landscape of industrial ultrafast lasers is currently dominated by Yb-based systems, which, despite their high output power exceeding 200 W, are constrained by fixed wavelengths and pulse durations longer than 300 femtoseconds. This limitation is particularly pronounced in micromachining applications where material-specific wavelengths are required for optimized absorption and interaction. The resulting heat-affected zone (HAZ) from these longer pulses hampers the attainment of the ultimate precision essential in microelectronics manufacturing, leading to a demand for laser technologies that can achieve finer control with further reduced thermal damage.

Our innovative laser technology bridges these technological gaps, offering unprecedented precision and productivity with shortest pulses below 100 fs, wavelength tunability from ultraviolet to mid-infrared, and power scalability towards the kilowatt range—attributes that are pivotal for the next generation of micromachining.

This unparalleled range and precision in pulse duration are achieved through our pioneering use of combined advanced nonlinear technologies. Optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA) and white-light generation (WLG) powers our White Dwarf OPCPA product lines, and nonlinear spectral broadening is the motor of our new Black Dwarf  high-power laser system.

The sub-100 fs pulse durations significantly reduce thermal effects (heat-affected zone), leading to cleaner cuts and enhanced resolution in manufacturing processes. This marks a substantial improvement over the longer pulse durations (>300 fs) of current industrial ultrafast lasers. This is especially beneficial in the semiconductor and microelectronics sectors where even micrometer deviations can impact product functionality. The tunable wavelength capability of our White Dwarf OPCPA lasers permits selective material processing. This is crucial in micromachining for semiconductors and microelectronics, where different materials and absorption properties require specific wavelengths for optimal processing.

The economic impact of our technology is multifaceted. By reducing processing times, minimizing waste, and enhancing product quality, a direct improvement in return on investment (ROI) and throughput can be achieved. For example, at similar invested budget, a 10-fold increase in average power directly translates to a 10x increase in productivity. Our systems can be upgraded and adapted to our client’s progressing needs.

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