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12. March 2024

Abstract: High-brightness 100-kHz source of ultrashort pulses tunable in 200-1050 nm spectral range – Dr. Valentina Shumakova at High-Brightness 2024

Presented by Dr. Valentina Shumakova in collaboration with Thomas Braatz, Luke Maindment, Alice Autuori, Bastian Manschwetus, Philipp Merkl, Hossein Goudarzi, Sebastian Starosielec, Mark Prandolini, Michael Schulz, Robert Riedel, and Jan Heye Buss.


We present a multi-channel source of ultrashort pulses tunable in a broad spectral range (200-1050 nm) and operating at high repetition rate of 100 kHz. The source is based on the combination of the optical parametric amplification, generation of white light and nonlinear spectral broadening.

The outputs have high stability and low timing jitter, what makes our system attractive for various pump-probe applications.

Presenting Author

Valentina Shumakova, Project leader at C5, graduated in 2014 from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Masters degree in General and Wave Physics. From 2010 till 2014 she was working in the group of Prof. A.M. Zheltikov on development of the full-fiber endoscopes for neuro-photonics applications.

After receiving her PhD in Physics in 2018 in the field of generation and nonlinear propagation of high peak-power mid-infrared femtosecond pulses in transparent media, she continued her work until 2019 as a post-doctoral fellow in Technical University of Vienna. In 2019 she joint a research group of Prof. Paul Corkum at University of Ottawa, where she worked on generation of high-amplitude transient magnetic fields with vector vortex beams.

From 2020 she started a postdoc position at Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for Mid-IR Spectroscopy and Semiconductor Optics, led by Prof. O.H. Heckl. In 2021 Valentina was awarded with prestigious Hertha Firnberg Fellowship from Austrian Science Fund and become a principal investigator at TU Wien and senior research fellow at University of Vienna. Shortly after, she won a grant for Young Independent Research Groups (Zukunftkollegen, FWF) and together with her team started development of methods for spectroscopy of „optically dark“ (electrically dipole forbidden) transitions.

Valentina joined C5 in 2023, since than the focus of her work was on the launching Black Dwarf product and development of high-brightness source of tunable fs pulses based on White Dwarf design.

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