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06. July 2023

Introducing CAJAL Imaging School: A Cradle for Future Neuroscience Champions

We proudly sponsor this year’s CAJAL Imaging School, set in the picturesque city of Lisbon, Portugal.With unmatched synergy, our team has developed one of the industry’s leading multi-photon imaging systems, blending our innovative White Dwarf OPCPA laser system with the efficient VIVO Multiphoton scope from 3i Intelligent Imaging Solutions.

The student results have been nothing short of spectacular: In just under three weeks, students mastered the nuances of advanced multi-photon imaging and optogenetic experiments, using our White Dwarf laser. They’ve not only managed to capture dynamic live recordings of brain activity at the single-cell level but also succeeded in manipulating neuronal activity through photoactivation using our laser.

As our CEO, Robert Riedel, puts it, “The dedication, enthusiasm, and focus from our students have translated into groundbreaking data extracted directly from the brain. Their excitement has been truly inspiring. I was privileged to present a lecture on nonlinear laser systems in neuroscience”.

We’re tremendously excited that our contribution of the White Dwarf laser to this unique educational event will play a pivotal role in expanding the use of advanced multi-photon imaging techniques in neuroscience. The mission? To decipher the intricacies of the brain, to battle cancer, and to overcome neurological diseases.


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